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Support Contents

  • ・Procedure guides of order and delivery including prices
  • ・Troubleshooting of application setups and operations
  • ・Calculation supports specializing in computational chemistry
  • ・Sharing supplementary documents including manuals and tech info
  • ・etc. (To be discussed with customers)


Common questions

Any fees for supports?

It depends on contents you ask for.
We often share basic information such as procedures and references for free, but the fees cost especially in technical supports.
For example, advices of application setups and calculations, contract calculations, etc.
In order to get quotes, please feel free to ask us and let’s discuss together.


Want for supports about calculation results of Gaussian.

We are willing to respond to your questions as much as possible within our knowledge regarding benchmarks and operations by various hardware, compilers, and OS.
However, please note in advance that there may be some technical cases in which we are unable to support for problem solving.
For the expertise including calculation contents, please contact Gaussian Inc. separately.

Is GaussView available?

You can get it from our company since we have been in a partnership with the software provider, Gaussian Inc.
GaussView is a graphical user interface (GUI) for job inputs and runs of Gaussian, which can be used in UNIX, Windows, Mac OS.
Although GaussView has been provided originally by Gaussian Inc., the software has been developed by Semichem Inc.
Please contact us if you have any further interests.

Calculation supports

Want to conclude non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before detailed discussions.

NDA are always welcomed depending on customers’ requirements.

About the levels of questions that can be dealt with.

We basically respond to inquiries of which our technical staffs are able to figure out problems within a few hours of researches.
Regarding the higher-level questions which take more time than the above-mentioned, we will do our best to think and suggest optimal solutions for customers taking account of new collaborations.



Benchmark Info

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