The future bysynergies ofpeople andcomputingpowers

We believe in unlimited potential of
human creativities, and our mission is
to boost them by high performance computing
solutions in scientific fields covering computational chemistry


    Devoting to world peace with powers of people and computing

    In order to establish the future that humans and nature live together harmonically, many efforts must be made alongside the world’s growing population. For examples, the inventions of safe, long-lasting and environment-friendly materials, the reductions of burdens, the replacements of rare metals, the productions of foods, and so on. Our dream is to make these difficult things come true by bringing new degrees of interactions between human creativities and computations, which leads to developments of technologies.


    To be visionary company that leads the world in computer science

    Aiming to fulfill the wealthy and sustainable future, we will keep on moving forward to be a world’s indispensable company that maximizes the human potential with technologies of computer science including computational chemistry for driving people to create new things more and more. Moreover, we also conceive of becoming a robust company which is able to adapt to diverse changes and continues to grow persistently with a strong belief.


    To empower researchers and engineers to make innovations

    Scientists and engineers are striving day by day for solving the world’s complicated problems related to the environment, energies, resources, foods, and more…, taking an enormous amount of time and effort to discuss and experiment. Therefore, our role is to provide computing solutions to those challengers for accelerations of their scientific researches and developments.

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Making the world better with powers of people and computing

The coexistent relationship between humans and nature is a very complex system. Humans love nature and yet create a lot of harmful damages to nature. But overall, humans tend to defend nature for its beauty and long-lasting preservation, and always search for something wonderful that leads to an ideal sociality with both happiness and sustainability.
While trial and error by human hands have always been playing a significant role in development of technologies in the purpose of achieving these challenges, people need to leverage state-of-art tools from now and on to make breakthroughs that cannot be attained just by human imaginations. As the corresponding tools, the computer technologies of simulations, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are known t to be essential keys, and collaborations between human beings and computations must be made to overcome difficulties in the next generation.
Through our high performance computing solutions covering a wide range of scientific fields such as computational chemistry, I and my teams are committed to supporting scientists and engineers who are making passionate efforts on their works, to achieve the greatest results even with their limited resources. Thus, it will be our great privilege to be able to involve in those works and make contributions with our expertise and unparalleled passion.

HPC Systems Inc. President
Teppei Ono

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