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Building future by fusing
human creativities and
computational chemistry

There is unlimited potential of human powers to create wealth and sustainability to the world. We believe those powers of creation can be reinforced and generated more and more by calculations and simulations with computational chemistry technologies. Therefore, we are aiming to bring new degrees of interactions between humans and computational chemistry with our solutions.


Empowering researchers
and engineers to make

Scientists and engineers are striving day by day for solving the world’s complicated problems related to the environment, energies, resources, foods, health, and more, taking an enormous amount of time and effort to image and experiment. Our role is to provide the power of computational chemistry that accelerates their researches and developments.


Breakthroughs by
R&D where chemistry involves, those
are what we are focusing on
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    Fundamental studies
    Discovering functional materials (e.g. new plastics, battery materials, adhesives)
    Product developments
    Developing engineering products and fabrication methods (e.g. synthetic conditions for mass productions)
    Engineering improvements
    Improving product designs and manufacturing processes (e.g. alternations for materials considering QCDSE (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, Environment))
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Our Business

We’ve got 3 types of solutions for boosting your R&D

01Science as a service

Distributing powerful software of computational chemistryDelivering advanced computational chemistry software along with assistive services to help users to solve problems in chemistry research and development, mainly using the following:
quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics, materials informatics.



Automatic exploration program for all chemical reaction pathways just by one molecule inputs

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Reaction plus
Pro 2 / Express 2

Easy-to-use calculation software for finding transition states of chemical reactions by specifying reactants and products

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De facto standard program for multifunctional quantum chemistry calculations from Gaussian Inc.

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02Science as a cloud

Service for using advanced on cloud without any initial investment and setupProviding Software as a Service (SaaS) of computational simulations and high-performance computing (HPC) on a cloud environment, which is fast, scalable, cost- efficient. Start and accelerate your R&D by leveraging our cloud system with state-of-the- art programs.

Cloud service

Science Cloud

Cloud platform which enables easy accesses to secure HPC environment with computational chemistry software to start your simulations

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03System as a service

We bring the power of simulation, data science and artificial intelligence to every businessCapable to provide integrations of large high-performance computing (HPC) systems, high-performance data analysis (HPDA) with special focus on very-large cluster systems, parallel file systems (peta-scale), HPC AI, computational chemistry software stacks (commercial and open sources), with one stop services.

HPC Systems

HPC Systems Inc. provides High Performance Computing solutions specialized in computational chemistry. Our company supports researchers and engineers who have passions to make the world better, especially in research institutes, including government labs, universities and corporate R&D centers.

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